Quality Manager

Job description

We are looking for amazing, talented and high energy people to support the team of SPEKTRAX to grow the company.

You will be responsible for the quality management of our products. We need to be able to trust you to deliver and be self propelling.  The job involves:

  • Control and maintain Quality Management Processes
  • Set up Quality management of supply chain
  • Maintain quality management and ensure we are up to date with the latest regulations
  • Indicate quality issues and deliver practical solutions
  • Lead projects dedicated to increasing quality of our products
  • Process Validation
  • Stability studies
  • Product validation
  • Use market feedback to measure and improve our products

You will be involved in a lot of what is happening in the company so confidentiality and discretion are crucial characteristics we are looking for.

We have a very open and transparent way of working and don't have a hierarchical structure. If you are the type of person that will need a very detailed job-description, SPEKTRAX is not for you. We need people who will pro-actively pick up the ball and start running with it! 

If this appeals to you! Call or email us today!


We are a young company with a mission to 'democratise diagnostics'. This means that we aim to make tests for illnesses, bacteria and viruses available to the world. Making sure we maintain our high standards in the quality of our test is of course a key focus of our company. Currently we are 

focussing on bringing a new and ultra fast COVID-19 test on the market. We are using amazing laser and nano technology to do this. Part high tech, part software and part driven by the desire to impact the world, we work hard every day to make a difference. If you share our excitement about our mission, come and join us and build a dream! Hope to see you soon!

Job requirements

Education: HBO or higher education

Experience: 3+ years working experience, preferably in a start-up or scale-up environment

Languages: English 


Well structured and precise

EU working permit

Locations: Delft and Amsterdam

The first contract will be for three months. Extensions are possible when both parties are happy.